Basic Bassoon Reed Case


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This is a basic, simple bassoon reed case made of tin with foam ribbons to securely hold reeds in place.

Perfect for students!

Includes basic, easy to follow guidelines for reed use and maintaining the quality and life of your reeds.
Holds 3 Reeds. (Reeds not included)

A small cost now to save more in the long run.

Reeds are a costly expense of playing the bassoon. Protect and extend the life of your investments with this essential tool for reed care and longevity.

Reeds last longer when stored in a case vs plastic tubes.

Plastic vials should be avoided for reed storage after reeds have been played.

Reeds stay damp and don’t have an opportunity to dry out when placed into plastic tubes after playing, causing:

  • Bacteria and mold to grow
  • Faster breakdown of organic material, resulting in shortened reed life.

Storing reeds in a ventilated case allows them to properly dry out and prevents microbes from festering, keeping you from getting sick and extending the life of your reeds.


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